Scoring process and method

Quantitative and Verbal

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures are computer-adaptive.

When you begin the GMAT, the computer assumes you have an average score and gives you a question of medium difficulty. As you get answers correct, the computer serves up more difficult questions and increases its estimate of your ability. And vice versa, as you answer incorrectly, the computer serves up easier questions and decreases its estimate of your ability. Your section score is the algorithm’s final assessment of your level of ability.

Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning scores range from 1-8, in single-digit intervals. The Integrated Reasoning score offers a new data point for schools to consider.

Analytical Writing

AWA essays are given two independent ratings, one of which may be performed by an automated essay-scoring engine. The automated essay-scoring engine is an electronic system that evaluates more than 50 structural and linguistic features, including organization of ideas, syntactic variety, and topical analysis.

If the two ratings differ by more than one point, another evaluation by an expert reader is required to resolve the discrepancy and determine the final score.

College and university faculty members trained as readers for the AWA will consider the following:

  • Overall quality of ideas about the issue and argument presented
  • Overall ability to organize, develop, and express those ideas
  • The relevant supporting reasons and examples used
  • Ability to control the elements of standard written English

In considering the elements of standard written English, readers are trained to be sensitive and fair in evaluating the responses of examinees whose first language is not English.

Download the Analysis of an Argument Scoring Guide (GMAC)

Scoring Scale

SectionScore Scale
Analytical Writing0–6, in half point increments
Integrated Reasoning0–8, in one point increments
Quantitative0–51, in one point increments
Verbal0–51, in one point increments

GMAC also makes available test-taker photos and essay responses on the Analytical Writing section to designated score-recipient schools.

Score Reporting

When you complete your exam, you will be shown your unofficial GMAT scores (Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Total).

GMAC makes your GMAT score available only to the schools that you designate as recipients either on the test day or, for a fee, after the test day.

After completing the GMAT, you will be given the opportunity to Report or Cancel your scores. Your test fee entitles you to request that scores be sent to as many as five schools at no additional cost.

Score Longevity

GMAT scores are valid for five years, and are available for reporting for up to 10 years.

Understanding GMAT scores

Your GMAT score includes a percentile ranking that compares your skill level with other test takers from the past three years.

710 - 80092 - 99
610 - 70064 - 89
510 - 60034 - 61
410 - 50013 -31
310 - 4004 - 12
210 - 3000 - 3


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