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Hybrid Course

This is our most popular course; it combines the cost-effectiveness of group sessions and the flexibility and efficiency of individual sessions. In the hybrid package, you get a group registration and some heavily discounted individual hours, too. You can use these hours as you see fit: for example, 18 hours can be 18 sessions of 1 hour each or 3 sessions of 6 hours each. Typically students opt for a hybrid course with the group registration and 12 hours of individual work.

If you sign up for a hybrid course and decide later that you don’t need the individual sessions, we will downsize your registration to a basic group registration and refund you completely for the sessions you did not use. No processing fee, administrative fee or other hidden costs. Refunds take a maximum of 5 weekdays to process. The hybrid course is usually utilized in one of two ways:
  • Some students attend the group classes for concepts and practice, and subsequently schedule their discounted individual sessions to get individual help on their weaknesses.
  • Some students prefer to do their discounted individual sessions first to tackle concepts that they are very weak at or have no exposure to. Once they have a good foundation and feel ready, they join the group course.

Group +12 hours of one-on-one = Rs. 89,256/- (Including S.Tax)