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We open new GMAT group courses every two weeks or less, so you will attend a “make-up” class with another group at no additional charge. We recommend that students do their best to attend each class but we also do understand that GMAT test takers have a number of other responsibilities and will thus do our best to accommodate your unique circumstances.

We're different. When you register for a group course, you get unlimited access to all our group classes, in all our groups, forever. It's less of a purchase and more of a lifetime membership. Attend the same class as many times as you need to grasp the concepts completely! If you tell us your restrictions (e.g. "I can only come on Sun mornings" OR "I need to finish in two months" OR "I want to have a class once a month for the next 1 year"), we will come up with a personalised timetable for you. It's our headache to figure out the schedule. Just call us. We'll figure it out.
Yes, of course. Our course designers come from various academic backgrounds - business, law, physics, mathematics - and have formulated specific frameworks to help you analyze, understand and answer all the GMAT question types. Hence, regardless of your background, this course has the right ingredients to help you overcome your weaknesses and ace the test.
GMAT Zone's methodology is about understanding, addressing and practicing ALL the components necessary for a 700+ GMAT score. These included strategy, focus, time management, answering skills, and of course, confidence. Question practice alone may get you a relatively good score - but for a really high score that would put you well above the average of any b-school, one must address all the elements that make up a high scoring GMAT. GMAT Zone not only offers you the chance to put in the hours of practice (via our online test zone), but walks you through all the other elements you need to master in order to be confident of a high GMAT score.
You will have to juggle work and personal commitments with an intensive period of studying for the GMAT. Therefore we do not offer a course that judges its worth on classroom time. We are firm believers of maximizing one's time and studying smart. Our unlimited access to all our group classes and masterclasses will help you maximize your preparation time.
In order for you to get a 700+ score, we need you to work - but we prefer you to work smart. There will be work for you to do at home (online) with the specific purpose of getting you used to the concepts and techniques we cover. As much online simulation (preferably under time pressure) is what you need - and this is what we have planned for you.
Everyone needs motivation to make the time to study for the GMAT. We have all been through this and sometimes signing up to a course is the obvious way to motivate oneself. Once you're here, it is our task to keep you motivated. The GMAT is not rocket science, but one needs to take a disciplined approach in order to ace the test. We promise that with our coaching, you will acquire the skills, confidence and focus required to ace the GMAT.
All our course designers and trainers have scored in excess of 700 on the GMAT. They are also passionate about bringing a fresh look to GMAT coaching and teaching you the right techniques.