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Nicolas, admitted to INSEAD

Nicolas came to Prep Zone with one objective in mind: to secure admission in a world-class EMBA program. Nicolas is a busy executive who is experienced in international business. He found it challenging to devote the appropriate amount of time to prepare for the admissions process.

"A good CV is not enough to get you into a top program. I knew I had to capture my life experience into the application essays and nail the interviews. Clinton’s approach was direct, honest and concise, with an ability to breakdown the application into manageable steps in a timely manner. After reading my finalized application and having gone through multiple mock interviews sessions, I knew I had a good shot at getting into my school of choice. Seeking Prep Zone’s help was the best decision I made in increasing my chances of getting into a top business school."

Jason, admitted to Wharton
GMAT Score: 770

Jason came to the GMAT Zone with two goals in mind : to ace the GMAT, and get into arguably the most exclusive business school program in the US, the Wharton / Lauder MBA. He faced the twin challenges of low work experience and youthful profile. With the help of our consultants he achieved both his goals, and is excited about the incredible opportunities that life now presents.

"Hi guys, I cannot think of money better spent: I would never have been successfully admitted to Wharton/Lauder without you guys.

Your GMAT course was time-efficient, to the point, and extremely effective. As you know I decided to pursue an MBA only at the end of August; just two weeks of working with your unique GMAT material snagged me a 770.

Another month of you two always being prompt and extremely insightful with your replies, helping me strategically chart what stories to present in my essays; choosing the most appropriate recommenders, given my unique profile and of course the absolutely invaluable interview prep later, and I was successful at the only programme I'd applied to.

For your GMAT prep, the extremely flexible schedule- because of time schedule concerns, you even gave me one-to-one lessons for free- was absolutely perfect for busy and time-stretched applicants like myself. In addition, compared to other admissions consultants, your ability and willingness to provide face-to-face consultancy and feedback to local Singaporean students put you a distinct cut above the rest.

Truthfully, because I am still in college I'd initially thought that an admission into an MBA programme might be beyond me because of my relative lack of work experience. However, you were absolutely brilliant in helping me actually turn this into an advantage over other applicants. And thanks to you guys, I'm now going to attend my dream school, Wharton, starting from May!

Your help was indispensible at every step of my business-school application journey. You've helped me realize my dreams!"
Jian, admitted to INSEAD

Jian was in the financial industry. He currently runs a family business and had achieved a good GMAT score. However, he found himself wait-listed after two interviews at a top-tier business school. He came to Prep Zone to improve his interview technique. He re-applied and subsequently gained a place at INSEAD.

"My consultant Clinton displays deep knowledge and understanding of the admissions process. During my interview preparation, Clinton was extremely professional and was able to spot interview questions pertaining my profile. Clinton was of indispensable help to my MBA pursuit."
Jenny, EMBA candidate

Jenny is a senior executive with experience in international business. It is her goal to become a successful mother and an executive. She has engaged Prep Zone to help with her application process to top-tier programs.

"My consultant met and exceeded my expectation. His coaching was extremely accurate and helpful. I very much appreciate his frank and timely responses to my questions. His continued willingness to address my points in detail, I believe, is an indicator of the quality of service that Prep Zone provides. He was also a source of motivation and a friend always ready to help (even on Sundays!) Thank you, Prep Zone for assigning Clinton, a true 'rockstar' consultant to me!"

Dan (US/Singapore)
Oilfield Engineer
GMAT Score: 710

Dan came to the GMAT Zone having previously self-studied for the GMAT and needed a better score than his first attempt (of 640). He chose a course focused purely on Verbal improvement, as he knew that's where his needs lay.

"Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the end result of my GMAT (I managed to track down my official scores from February, which are listed below also):

Before (test date Feb 13th):
After working with Prep Zone (test date May 8th):
640 overall, 80th percentile
47, 82nd percentile on the Quantitative Section
31, 61st on the Verbal
5 on analysis of an issue
6 on analysis of an argument
Today's test, May 8th:710 overall!! 94th percentile
49, 90th percentile on the Quantitative Section
37, 83rd on the Verbal
I think I did about the same on the written sections

I improved tremendously, and somehow even managed a better score on the Quantative section.

Thanks so much for your help, and for putting together the sessions on such short notice. I hope all goes well for you and your miracle-working company.

Thanks again, Dan"

Jamie (Singapore)
Investments Professional
GMAT Score: 740

Jamie sought insights into the conceptual aspects of specific quantitative and verbal topics, as well as practice on an exam-grade question database platform.

"The courses were extremely helpful as they helped identify particular concepts and areas which the GMAT tests, but which may not be readily identified from the self study texts alone. The tutorials were also very practical and result orientated (especially the proprietary on line testing platform which gave me much needed real time test conditions practice) and helped my confidence level, particularly in my weaker areas. All in all, money well spent. [...]

My score was 740/98% (for verbal and quantitative) and 5.5/87% for analytical writing. Really happy with it .

Thanks again guys!"

Krishna (India/US)
GMAT Score: 710

Krishna had attempted the GMAT before and scored 540. He knew he had what it took to get into the elite 700+ club and contacted the GMAT Zone. With the advice of the tutors, he developed a smart time management technique that the GMAT Zone has now integrated into its methodology.His score rose by 170.

"I took my GMAT on Aug 8, 2007:
  • Overall 710 (93%) !!
  • Quant 49 (89%)
  • Verbal 37 (82%)
  • AWA 5.5 / 6 (83%)
I could not be happier with my score !! The GMAT is all about time management and the on-line testing platform helped tremendously in this area.

The instructors were also very helpful and accommodating and spent a considerable amount of time (especially on the verbal section) to ensure that I was ready for the exam. With a good GMAT score under my belt, I am excited and look forward to applying to business schools in coming months.

FYI, I had attempted the exam in 2003 , my score then:
  • Overall 540 (51%)
  • Quant 36 (49%)
  • Verbal 27 (45%)
  • AWA 5.5 / 6 (87%)
A 170 point increase........Need I say more !!!

Thanks... GMAT-ZONE !!!"

Hanny (Indonesian)
Financial Controller
GMAT Score: 770

Hanny had prepared at home using several competing books and materials, but had not yet cracked the 700 mark. she knew that her chances of admission to the business school of her choice rested on getting a convincing GMAT score that would catapult her to the top of Admission's Most Wanted list.

Dear GMAT Zone Team,

I cannot thank you enough for spending endless hours with me going over the GMAT, and painstakingly explaining each and every question I had difficulty with. At the end of the course, you increased my Verbal score from the 96th to the 99th percentile, and my Quant score from the 69th to the 77th percentile. And you did it in six hours!

All your tips were amazing, and far more user-friendly than those in the Official Guide. Your template for the AWA is a total godsend - I can't believe that I managed to score 6.0! I'm also incredibly grateful to Micheal (GMAT Zone Tutor) for going through countless Quant questions with me, and never missing a beat, despite my utter incompetence in Maths! Considering how I hadn't done any Maths since 1998, 77th percentile is a major achievement!

Thank you so much for all your help in helping me prepare for the GMAT. I never really would have imagined it possible to achieve such a high score without your help.

Thank you!"

Sid (GMAT Zone Tutor): Thanks for keeping the sessions intense and for being so patient with me during my blur moments. Your explanations of concepts were awesome and your advice on how to approach the questions made a huge difference in the way I tackled the exam. Thanks also for pointing out my bad habits that could potentially hinder my performance and for making me aware of them. I tried my very best to not jump the gun during the exam and to read the questions extra extra carefully. Certainly could not have done it without you.

Nagi (GMAT Zone Tutor): The word "pedantic" literally did not leave my mind throughout the whole verbal section of the exam and during the whole time I was preparing for the GMAT. It had become my motto during study and I am really glad that you introduced that wonder word and concept to me. The worksheet you provided me to keep track of my progress was truly a life-saver. It made me so much more organized in the way I was studying and allowed me to easily identify areas of weaknesses that I needed to work on. Getting such an excellent score on the verbal was beyond what I had hoped to achieve. You're the best!

From our students -

"... Thank you so much for all your help in helping me prepare for the GMAT. I never really would have imagined it possible to achieve such a high score without your help..... " [770 scorer]

"...Just received my official score report and I'm happy with it :) My official score was 700, 46 for math and 40 for verbal. I did well for the essay by making use of your template for the essay. I am delighted especially with the verbal score - this was a big improvement from my first attempt when I scored below 30. I just want to say a big thank you to your team for making my learning a positive experience. In particular, I am grateful to the three of you - Siv for being patient and drilling me in techniques of tackling SC and CR, Vish for his detailed notes and challenging examples, and Var for organising all those sessions. I have benefited greatly from your systematic and personalised approach and the lessons were enjoyable..." [700 scorer]

"... I cannot thank you enough for spending endless hours with me going over the GMAT, and painstakingly explaining each and every question I had difficulty with. ... All your tips were amazing, and far more user-friendly than those in the Official Guide." [730 scorer]

"... I cannot think of money better spent: I would never have been successfully admitted to Wharton/Lauder without you guys.Your GMAT course was time-efficient, to the point, and extremely effective... just two weeks of working with your unique GMAT material snagged me a 770..." [770 scorer]

"... Thank you GMAT Zone! I have to say that this is the best money I have ever spent! GMAT Zone can help you achieve your dream. I didn't think it was possible, but I did it! [700 scorer]

"... Thank you guys again for your help in my hour of need :) (ok maybe not hour... prob many many many many many hours) ..." [750scorer]

"... I could not be happier with my score !!... " [710 scorer and 170 point improvement]

"... I hope all goes well for you and your miracle-working company. ..." [710 scorer]

"... All in all, money well spent. ..." [740 scorer]

Ern Teng, admitted to INSEAD

Ern Teng (or E.T. as he likes to be called) graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from Singapore and immediately began his career with Shell, a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. During his 6 and a half years there, E.T. was rotated between roles in Global Project Implementation, Supply Chain  Management and Business Development. With his engineering background and a well-rounded portfolio at a prestigious firm, E.T. decided that the timing was perfect for him to pursue an MBA from a top global business school, so he could launch his career into the next level - upper management.

Srijib, admitted to London Business School

Srijib started his financial career in his local India market and was appointed Regional Director in a Singapore-based advertising agency before deciding he wanted global exposure, particularly in European financial markets. He thus decided to pursue an MBA and chose London Business School because they offered a 50-50 mix of practical and theoretical courses. Srijib was accepted after rigorously preparing for his GMAT exam with the GMAT Zone and the admissions essays with the Admit ZONE.

Henry, admitted to IMD

"I signed up with GMAT Zone initially to get a speed boost on my preparation for the GMAT test. After meeting with Micheal and Nagitha during the GMAT sessions where they enthusiastically shared their admissions experience, I realised that their inputs as an objective third-party would be invaluable in my search for a top MBA program. More importantly, given Micheal and Nagitha's experience with various admission committees in US and Europe, AdmitZone helped me to identify my "fit" to the shortlisted b-schools. Thereafter, it was a whirlwind couple of months consisting of one-on-one sessions and email exchanges for selecting my most pertinent experiences/reflections, essay critiques, and interview preparations. Micheal and Nagitha definately played a important part in my admission to the IMD MBA2009 programme and I shudder when I think how close I came to not applying, fearing initally that it was too tough for me to be admitted!"~ Henry, IMD

Dilin, admitted to IE

"The Admit Zone has helped me fulfilled my dreams of having a quality education and will help many others of all ages attain the quality education which they desire. In the process of MBA application counselling, I have truly experienced professionalism and the ultimate attention given to understanding an applicant’s personality to ensure a successful application. The best part with Admit Zone is that it has taught me the art to craft ideas into concise and credible essays in accordance with the business school’s culture. Personally, this course has improved my confidence in presenting my views on interviews and on tackling the GMAT. The time I’ve spent at the Admit Zone has helped me grow not only in terms of knowledge, but also as a person. It is a course that I will highly recommend above any social commitments you have. Live your dreams with Admit Zone! Thank you Chicos!!" ~ Dilin Lim, Instituto de Empresa, Masters in Advanced Finance 2009

Anubhav, admitted to HEC

Anubhav is an engineer from India and prior to getting accepted to HEC, was working with Infosys Technologies in Singapore on an outplacement assignment with UBS Investment Bank. Anubhav talks about going through the challenging application process, the key areas to focus on and the valuable input and advice given to him by the Admit Zone.

Ramanan, admitted to AGSM

Ramanan is a Sri Lankan national, educated in Australia, with extensive banking experience and a family business background. He chose his school based on how it will help him achieve his future plans in entrepreneurship. Ramanan prepared his application with the GMAT Zone and Admit Zone, and speaks here about his background, ambitions and experience with the Zone professionals.